About Us

LaJewel Harrison
Owner, LGH Consulting, LLC

LaJewel Harrison is a consultant and facilitator who understands the importance of including mental health and full-body wellness in personal, business, and community life.  Because of this, LaJewel has become a vital addition to many organizations by integrating all aspects as she creates more empathetic leaders.

For over 20 years, LaJewel has grown to appreciate the significant impact of strategic delivery of professional mental health services, but also the importance of embedding core mental health practices in all facets of life. While holding Executive Leadership positions, LaJewel has mastered operating efficiencies that have resulted in streamlined access to care.

In 2019, motivated by a desire to expand mental health care and the ability to evaluate and produce roadmaps of efficiency, LaJewel launched LGH Consulting, LLC.   As a fractional COO, she can aid companies in developing new programs, simplifying processes, and identifying the best solutions using key performance indicators.

LaJewel’s devotion to extending access to care has led to the development of the “Health E Livin” app and website.  Health E Livin is in response to the need for immediate online assistance with mental healthcare.  Health E Livin’s app and website provide free, anonymous, and secure access to Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar, and Substance Use screening tools.  With the use of the “find a health provider” feature, users can locate mental health clinics nearest their location.

Creating new pathways to healthier communities is LaJewel’s true passion and she accomplishes this by developing businesses and encouraging all to embrace mental health.

LaJewel earned an MBA from St. Joseph’s University and a BA from Temple University. With clients in multiple States, LaJewel is frequently traveling from Philadelphia, PA, where she lives with her husband and two children.